Dear Unknown Reader,

Time isn’t slowing down for anyone, nor does it speed to ease pain we accumulated over years. Time doesn’t comfort us as we cry, nor does it savour the unforgettable moments of our lives. Time is not an enemy of any being but stands solely alone never getting too close to be a friend. With time I realizes how unfaithful I was to myself, reminiscing on the lies I told myself to hold back tears, the nights I seeked comfort from the ones that could care less about my well being; with time I became stronger. With time I now realized that it can’t ever be the same, no more late night calls, silly games or names that had deeper meanings. I’m done, its done. I just wish someone knew what I was really struggling to release because its killing me, eating me alive and all I do is say “I’m fine” and smile and the world falls back in place. Maybe life will move on without me, or maybe it’ll pass with time.




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