Leave Me Alone!

I don’t want you back in my life! You think by telling your mother the spiced up lies you convinced yourself to be true would grant you access back into my life? No! I don’t hate you but I don’t like you and I feel as though you should have already let this ‘friendship’ go and move on with your life.

What a load of bull, I can’t believe you seriously think I would second guess my answer. As much as you believe ‘nothing happened’, I felt, smelt and seen it for myself and I don’t need your lies to comfort me at night so I think I can sleep well without you.

One being that it happened once, I received scolding for it but I slipped up and did it again and you honestly believe I’ll let you creep back in to mess my relationship up. I love HIM not you, I chose to live this way, to be with him and to live without you so continue to tell yourself that ‘nothing happened’ and just remember nothing else ever will.


P.S. I should have recorded yo ass and show how you cramped up like a bitch with bad nerves.


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