Limitless Love

I can love you with my eyes close. I don’t need them to feel my heartbeat skip as you softly touch my skin or to hear the words “I love you” seep through my lips. The feeling of love is limitless, you are all I need. – Kemi ❤

I say those words from the depths of my soul. People take love for granted, only seeking it when down or lonely. I take love as a necessity, desiring it as I would food. Being with you has changed my life, it has changed the way I’ve viewed life, live life and experience all that life throws my way. People do not understand how fragile love can be, with a single harsh phrase or discomforting reaction, love may shatter before our eyes but a love as divine as the one I possess can never be dismantled, corrupted or casted away; this love is real.

Find a love so limitless that your heart begins to cry for joy. A love that causes your eyes to glisten and glamor as diamond and gold. Find a love that never leaves your side.


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