Wants VS Needs

I can’t have you simply because I don’t need you but I want you and this kills me. Yes we’ve tried the whole “relationship” thing before and now that I’m committed in another one, you show me your true colors. I’m happy and I know this situation may suck for the both of us but it’s how we chose to live life and we have to continue on the path we’ve chosen. I can’t break a heart to mend another, I can’t love two hearts because loving two only breaks one, mine. It’s hard. I can’t believe I’m actually sitting here trying to process my options, if I were to ever have to choose between the two it wouldn’t be you, it’d be him. Truth is, I love him and you, well I care for you as a friend should and I’m always here because friends always are. Please don’t make me regret this choice that I’ve made. Don’t make me hate myself for loving him and caring less about you. I am here but I want what I can’t have, I have what I already need.


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