Words Can’t Explain

Soon my dreams will be my reality, my hopes will be my accomplishments. Don’t judge me or doubt me, encourage me and watch me live my life before your eyes ♥ – written by me

Love me like death loves taking souls. Lets share our joy with the world, causing them to envy us with stares and glares that only want us to share our love some more. I love you wholeheartedly, hearing you say you love me not only pleases me physically but also emotionally. My heart skips beats, my breath shortens and I feel weak all because of those three words. I haven’t written about you lately, I guess I lost touch with my inner soul, the one that gleams at the sound of your voice. Words can’t explain the joy you’ve given me, it finds ways to cancel out the heartache I cause you and you’re still here, loving me and well, I love you too.


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