These Stupid Memories

I have better things to do than worry about your well-being, if you’re living, breathing and eating right; I just shouldn’t care. We don’t talk and I know that’s mainly my fault but the reasons have no doubts so why should I doubt my reasons? Its been how long? No calls, texts, oovoo messages and I’m still living, this just shows how much we really don’t need one another’s company to survive in this world. Our friendship drowned in the toilet and I watched it swivel and swish as water bounced on its sides, that was it. My better half is with the guy I call boyfriend, you seem to be the worst of it all. The one I wanted but didn’t need, the one that loved me but didn’t give enough love to stay positioned in my heart. Times have passed and it still bugs me to know when I think of you the memories will roll back. I have to deal with not having an easier way to let go of the past, hoping that it’ll just fade but I don’t have anything more of you to block and my attention span is slowly ceasing to exist. I just miss the title, the one where people misled us to be things we weren’t but still knew we were close enough to be misled. I miss the days where I could call and we’d say nothing, now if I called the silence wouldn’t be pleasant but awkward because we’ve missed just that much of our lives. All I’m saying is I hope you’re not dead or dying, as much as I don’t fancy the thoughts of you in my head, I sometimes enjoy having thoughts of you to think of.


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