Ooops, Don’t Look.

Dear Stranger,

I’m crushing hard on a guy I can’t date, not suppose to like and can’t EVER be with! Not that I want to. I know I’m in a happy ass relationship (and I am truly happy) but can’t a girl crush every now and then. Hell, I know my boyfriend eyes girls on occasion so why do I feel so bad when I do it. It’s only THIS ONCE! Men are bait for trouble, I swear. This distance thing is killing me and although my mind is far away from physical damnation, my eyes keeps straying and causing adultery. The craziest part is the guy I’m crushing on was the same guy I crushed on in high school, we just so happened to go to the same college. Is this fate or hell on earth? Anywho, I guess since its out my system now I can move on, nothing can go wrong with just small talk and a few glances in his direction.


Secret Crush

P.S. I love you babe, don’t be upset after you read this lol ❤


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