Jumbled Thoughts

Why do I want more? As if he isn’t filing my every need. Having the urge to call out for him but failing to reach him fast enough for my heart to beat, I die. I remember when songs had meanings, now as I plug my headphones in, bobbing to the melodious tones that pour through to my ears, I don’t know what to feel but somehow tears still fall. I’m sorry I haven’t felt like writing. I didn’t feel like pouring crazy insane thoughts into the ears of strangers. Now I struggle to finish one entry, too compressed with thoughts. As if my file for divorce with Nonsense was rejected, far too late to place an appeal. Of course these are all jumbled thoughts. No thought ends with a conclusion, only dashed away to the back of my mind to be toyed with at another time. Here I lay, music caressing my ears soothing parts of me no man could ever massage tension out of, silently hoping my man would realize he has a woman crying out for more of his love.


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