I got hips but my body doesn’t sway to any other beat other than my own. My lips peer open speaking words to the broken and forcing light into the eyes of those who can’t conceive the knowledge to see.

I am a Queen. My King sings to me sweet melodies, feeding me with love’s moralistic tones. I seek only beauty in hopes for you to love upon me because at times I feel so ugly and hate you. Jewels jiggle as they slide down my arms, sinking gold into my veins pronouncing me among the royalties. I am what you are not. I hear whispers and moans of children with no homes but with no heart to love I push painful thoughts aside.

I am no Queen. I am the evil that lies in the subconscious of every obliterated mind too concerned with my joys to sympathize with the pain of others, I lose all sense of feeling and kill you with my thoughts. What am I? I have no soul but yet I am looked upon like a blood diamond found in the heart of Africa where many struggle from famine soon to perish from existence.

I am hatred, stuck in between heaven and hell, allowing our souls to be consumed by the flaming fires of damnation.

We are self-reliance human beings with no souls but like men, we think with our dicks before our hearts.


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