Sideline..Watch Your Mouth!

We sleep with unsettled affairs, deadly headaches and a single strand of hope for a better tomorrow. The questions still remains, “Why do I you put up with you me?” Let me guess, you love me? Doesn’t love have its limits?

I don’t know. I feel fill of distraught. Ugh. Life.

Life is like an ugly chick that you met in Los Vegas while you were drunk, found yourself getting eloped and ended up stuck with the bitch for all eternity. Sucks doesn’t it.

See I feel like s-h-i-t.

My head is pounding me like I’ve been hammering it with a rock, my boyfriend went to bed upset with me, while I’m up trying to cope with the headache and figure out how to make what I made worse somehow better. It’s not good to blame myself, I get that but when I feel as if I’m the cause all the time who else am I going to blame the bitch laughing loudly in my head. Negative. I rather just take the blame and figure it out later.

I forgot the point of this blog, I guess it was an insight of my sideline ho who messes up everything, Life. She loves starting trouble and I fall for it eeevvverrrytiiiimmme!



  1. Does your boyfriend read your blog? I’d hate to see my girl this upset and this would help me understand what she is thinking.

    ~sent from my T – Mobile MyTouch 4G

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