College Life

I despise talking about college, not because its hard or really easy but the simple fact that people try to encourage me in ways I feel are not needed. They would advise me to study, saying this such as, “College is really hard,” or “It’s not as easy, or simple, as high school; they don’t baby feed you.”

I know that!

Thanks, I mean its very encouraging knowing that you have my future in your thoughts, hoping that I take this seriously, study hard, isolate myself when its necessary but all your ad lib is unnecessary. Especially when you haven’t been in college yourself.

Oops, ohkay maybe I need to be nicer. What I mean is thanks, just let me learn from my own mistakes.

Psychology, all about the mind. Seeing as though that’s my major, I find it quite intriguing otherwise. Math, I don’t envy it nor do I find problems in comprehending with it, in that case, simple. English, I write but with no structure. However, that’s where my year long experience of AP Lit falls in, it will take time but doesn’t everything. History, oh boy, history. The teacher talks too much but I take notes and record him, 4 take home quizzes, 3 in class. (dot dot dot … to be continued).

College equals responsibility, if you don’t have what it takes, its not for you. Simple.


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  1. Its funny how you argue both sides of you arguements… lol I hate how people encourage me for college, but Im glad they think about me.. lol

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