I can’t stand it, the tension between us but for right now its all I feel. The awkward silences leads to unanswered questions piling in the back of our heads. “What if‘s” tumble into “Why did you’s” which toys with sorry excuses that only clash with empty words. I don’t want it to be this way but would you rather the secrets or the blunt face truth? I can’t even look at you because of my frustration, you feel mad but mastered the gift to cage your angry from slipping through the crease between your mouth. I stand with two choices, one abandon a corrupted friendship in order to prevent the comparisons, the mystery, and/or the hidden jealously, or two, convince you, no more can come of it. Fine. If you don’t know that I only want you by now then I don’t know how to convince you. This is some bullshit.


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