Love With Your Eyes

His eyes weary but he still stared, too memorized by her beauty to lose this moment with her. Her eyes battered in pain, silently begging the heavens to permit her to stay awake to see him, between whispered prayers she continued to stare. A love so captivating, so unbelievably profound that they force human nature to grant them just a few more moments to entangle themselves in the arms of one another. Their eyes spoke words their mouths could never conjure enough courage to speak; with their eyes they made love in ways no human found seemingly possible. With their eyes did they emerge themselves as one, unified with one glance to the depths of their souls. Pure love lies in the eyes of true lovers, this strikes a love that can not only be heard but shown; this love is envied by the world.



  1. Do you write this purely from scratch? I must say you write phenomenally. Its great and its true… because the eyes are what holds the soul…

    • Its funny because my boyfriend and I play the roles in this piece. I wrote it while he was staring at me and although we are states apart, I envisioned us making love with our “eyes”. Everything I write is from scratch and experience, I never steal work but am sometimes motived to response to something I read.

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