His Queen

His fingers slid loosing through her hair as she slept, her hand resting on his chest. Pure innocence gleamed off her body as if it were a sunbeam of light. Her body arched in unclouded comfort, her breathing constant and calm; she was his innocent angel, the one he hoped God would not realize was missing. In all his years of learning to love, true love settled in the heart of her’s, compressed against unexplainable beauty, such a beauty she confusingly denied time and again. With spoken words, he told her never to misjudge or deny the  beauty she possessed, periodically teaching her how to embrace the gift acquired in order to use it to her advantage. After many objections, she then took on the courage to proudly accompany him in the hand of marriage and with joy he glistened, thanking God for ever allowing him to crown his queen.

They lived happily ever after.


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