Screams corrupt my insides as blood leaks though my face as I slowly welcome insanity, all reality becomes in vain. No way out, just the simple ordeal of having to admit to things when I try to run from them. No need to allow things to scare me away, although it hurts. My mind is beginning to deceive me, allowing the walls to open wide as if they were speaking with their colors. My head begins to spin and I fail to understand how I always place myself in this same position.


Its hard living when love coincides, hearts beat faster and our worlds begin to spin at a speed no hateful man can encounter, only envy from the sideline. Temptations to swallow my way out of stress, hoping to fall unconscious lying dead, cold and alone. Is it worth it?


My complaints never amount to what others may have to summarize about their lives but a problem is a problem, some hard to solve others too simple to arouse them in such manners as this. Forgive me.

Life and it’s toils. Love and it’s heartaches. Where is peace when my heart cries out to save me?



  1. Peace is there waiting on you to claim it. It’s waiting for your heart to become strong enough and learn enough to actually cherish peace when you have it… We wouldn’t appreciate the SUN if it never Rained. Peace and Joy are within your grasp. Just FIGHT for it. When you get cherish it because you will be fighting for it again… 🙂

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