He picked her up, laying her bare back on the hard cold table preparing to devour the skin, full of sin, she was in.

Take me to ecstasy!, she screamed.

As he touched the creases of her body that made her overheat, she reacted with sweat as moist began to form where the sun doesn’t shine. He was her black knight, the type that found pressure points that only bleed pleasure, reeking the stench of desire off her body; filling the room with just a taste of the journey ahead of them. He teased until rivers began to flow down her thighs and onto the floor. Watching her struggle to form words, open her eyes or to even think of anything other than the glorious sensation of her Mandingo Warrior. Tossing and turning with ease he made love to her, like God was preparing to ring the bells on judgement day, he fulfilled her every desire, granting her ever wish all in one night. Filling her with all of him, he allowed her to take all that she could handle and more; pleasure. Seconds faced minutes, minutes begged for more time crying out for hours and they continued to melt inside one another.

As if she was approaching the ledge of a 20,000 foot building, she screamed as tears of joy bursts from her eyes, saddened from the thought of ending what may have been the best of pleasure she had ever encountered; rivers tumbled out of her like waterfalls, her screams heightening as each layer finally released from her body.

They laid there, molding themselves in the form of one another. Learning their heartbeats, becoming one. Only to fade into the depths of their dreams, the dream of pleasuring one another once again. Eyes open, temptation rebuilds itself , capturing them in round 2 of pleasure.



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