There he was in the midst of it all, appearing ever so quickly like a thief in the night preparing to capture the golds of the rich. A familiar face greeted my smile and my heart skipped when his eyes pierced my lips, what is this? Lust?

Couldn’t be because he has a wife and I have a lover; our emotions were forbidden to intertwined in anything other than hello and goodbyes but dammit I feel it.

No ring, no guilt. No shame in the way our hug was tighten, how I forced my arms to unwrap themselves from around the muscles around your chest.

It’s you I miss. I missed your smile, that nose and even those eyes. Missing you while loving him is a sin because I know while I miss you, you love her and all thoughts of me seem to whither away.

An innocent crush collides with heartless emotions that embodies me making me lose all sense of reality. You I want but, fail to understand, I don’t need; knowing what I need is already cuffed to me like a chain around my heart.

Empty words.

Hopeless cries.

Still I search for you in my heart, hoping you would reach out to me; allowing us to escape in the mindless world I created for us.

Loose me. Free me from your bondage, your hold on to nothingness, free me from my empty wishes.

I have never touched you, neither you I, we are not one. Our bodies do not fit, nor do our souls mate forever like werewolves to their other halves.

We are nothing more than friends; two people so unaware of what we had before us.

Emotions befriend hopeless thoughts.


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