Love from a Distance

His scent is fading fast; our distance begins to resurface as the plane ascends into the cloud reaching its 10,000 feet and beyond on its destination to Atlanta, GA .

I miss him.

The simple joy of being around him, touching him, glaring at him from the side of my eye knowing that he sees me peeking his way.

This distance is killing me.

Three weeks, three whole weeks we spent together; each day flew by the other like speeding racecars fighting to reach the finish line. Its been 10 whole hours, my heart cries out for him each time my phone rings only to find its not him calling. His phone is off, typical right? UGH! Patience is a venture that I’m slowing catching on to but I hate not knowing how he is, what he’s doing, if he misses me; although I know his heart is in-sync with mine.

Love does crazy things to the soul. In all, I enjoyed it. It was an escape from my reality, he saved me from myself and in return I saved him from his reality by interjecting his world with my presence; it was a win-win. Here I am back where I belong, in my world,  ready to explore the new boundaries my life has opened up for me, leaving the past behind and hoping for the best to come from tomorrow.

This is a new year which brings new hopes, new dreams, new memories and a greater love but most importantly in this year, I will be a better me.


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