Tick Tock

Stuffing my hand in his pocket, capturing the warmth that gleams off his while walking the crowded streets of Manhattan, was all I needed. This is perfect; these last couple of days with him are fading vastly; although our hearts, souls and bodies are clinched together like sweet jam rubbing against hard sticky peanut butter, we knew it would soon come to an end.

Approximately 3 days left, 2 if you don’t count today; it has been a short but everlasting trip, as we exploded our love together. What I find funny is the silly fact of how we bickered for the first week, over what you may ask, nothing. We had no reason to quarrel but we chose to, however, the makeup was well worth it. Clear your dirty thoughts, it was clean, we just had fun; laughed it off and it was as blissful as the blizzard after Christmas.

I’m upset that my time is soon to come to an end, separating us for another few months. I guess love needs distance, anticipating the joy that awaits it with a kiss and sweet memories.


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