New Discoveries

Sitting hoping time would pass by as fast as the earth spins around us; impossible. Thoughts aren’t keeping me company just blank stares, empty words and an impatient desire to escape.


Its not the same; I’m away from home, the place where all is right, nothing is new, or unfamiliar, because of years of distance.

I can imagine my dad preaching, wearing his fancy suit with the pants shoes and that fly tie; I miss him. My mom, wearing her Sunday’s best, looking like a Queen from England catching stares from outsiders down the block; I miss her. My sister, with the voice donated from an angel, wearing her own designs, which made her look like a princess; I miss her. My brother, rocking his tight (close fitted) suit, casual shoes with a matching tie; I miss him.

Long story short, its all new to me. Something I have to get use to, being away from those I need; those I love.

Discovering all that’s new; new discoveries.


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