Sometimes in love we leave ourselves open, especially out of a fresh breakup.

I have seen many people fall hard into another relationship after being heartbroken, finding a guy/girl who fills the emptiness and makes life worth living again. They deny old feelings, taping their wounds together but the tape begins to break and the wounds begin to open. Convinced that they are prepared to live a new life, love a new heart, hold a new hand; they glue their wounds and pretend everything is okay.

It doesn’t work that easily.

Glue strips, wounds open; they start all over.

How do you know when to move on? Some people find it hard to face their past and own up to it, they feel as if they would lose against a battle between themselves. Is this true? Do you lose against your own emotions? Do we lose because we try too hard or because we’re too afraid to try at all?

I believe it is easier to face our wounds, stitch them up properly and allow them to heal on their own. Don’t neglect your wounds.


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