I Am Me

People prejudge me because of my family given title, “Pastor’s Daughter”, proclaiming me as a statistic, bound to fail anything I put my mind to, in many ways do I prove them wrong. If there is anything in this world I hate, other than pink, it would be the human trait of comparison. DON’T COMPARE ME!

I’m far from perfect but destined for greatness; far from brilliant but exceeding approaching unimaginable intelligence.

I am me.

My name will not appear along side of any other in God’s Book of Names, for I am uniquely designed; a one time edition that begun and stopped at me.

I am me.

I will never take on the name of any other fellow, my name fits me like tight jeans fit any pretty boy who can rock them well. My sense of style never glides against other, my clothes hug me like they were apart of me as I comfortable rock them with every fiber in my being like it was made just for me. My doppelganger fails to exist simply because I killed her, there is no need for two of me. Don’t prejudge me because of my looks, my style or my speech.Do the world a favor, admit that I am me and there will never be another one like it.


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