Written By My Brother, Micah Nelson

The HEART went out with a pocket full of LOVE, all the body had saved up thru the years. Came back home with a bag full of ANGER, showed it the SOUL. They where so HURT and SCARED to tell the MIND they HID it in TEARS. eventually TEARS stop flowing the HEART felt so sad for what he had done and of all the LIES. He told the TRUTH to the MIND. The MIND refused to belive it. He question the HEART and ask, why would you waste all the LOVE we had saved up on such a foolish thing. The HEART answered and simply said, I thought I could had multiply what we had save up and bring home more LOVE. Now all we have is ANGER alongside PAIN and HURT. The SOUL walked in and said we have guest outside. They looked outside and saw SHAME, DISAPOINTMENT, HUMILIATION, and FEAR. At this very moment they came to a conclusion. We’re all we got, lets bond together like we did before. Go out and find new LOVE alongside TRUST, HONESTY, LOYALTY, COMMITMENT, and HOPE. They open the door and declared VICTORY. They walk outside with their heads held high. They search for days, months, and years. Finally they came back home with something better than what they had left with. HUMBLENESS alongside PATIENCE, VIRTRUE, HONOR, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, and new found LOVE. Greater than what they started of with. Now we will be be GLORIOUS, and MARVILOUS. We will strong. From a FALLING we learn how to STAND, from DEFEAT we learn how to WIN. The HEART look at the MIND and SOUL said, “We will be strong, we will move on.” They agreed went back in reclusion: hibernating, waiting. Knowing that one day the HEART will do it again. So SOUL prayed to his pressure friend the HEART and said “O lord watch over him”.


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