Persistence, Moving On

Why are you determined to be persistent? Is my decision not good enough for you so you question my judgement, my views on how this “friendship” may play out after round 2?

Starting over is not an option; we’ve been through this, have we not? You find the initiative to imagine things will change by your persistence. It wont.

I need to get over myself? Really? You want me to “GROW UP”? What the fuck do you really think this is?

If I could bluntly tell the world of what you did, I would be in full justice. I may not seem as an innocent bystander but I definitely would not be wrong for  distancing myself.

I don’t want you in my life.


The few random texts/calls that you send me doesn’t change my heart’s desire. You know how stubborn I can get but what you seem to have forgotten is that simple apologizes don’t change my mind.

We’re not in high school anymore, you can’t just joke about this and watch it disintegrate before our eyes. W messed up and I’m moving forward, trying not to look back at our mistakes but your petty texts/calls get me nowhere.

I’m sure this is what I want.

You know nothing more than what you did in high school.

We change, we grow up but seems like your stuck in the 20th Century.


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