Friendships are funny to me, some last long, others fall short by days, sometimes years. This one particular friendship was sparkled from the love of Android, continuing to grow day by day.

His name is Quentin (@CleverJenks).

He lives in Florida and although I may not know his life adventures, I know the importance of his being. It’s funny to me how people are joined together from the love of technology, this dude is great and I am happy I found Android which led me to him. Although I seem to neglect him from time after time, he never seems to forget his position in my life, as my friend, for that I am very thankful.

Friendships are hard to hold on to, sometimes easy to grow but fragile enough to break by one wrong word or bad doing. I tend to cherish this friendship, however, I am well aware of how my neglecting habit may affect this friendship along the way but I doubt the love that he has stored in his heart for me will ever fade.

This is a small tribute to him.

Hi Quentin, lol.

Thanks & for the record, I love being your friend. 🙂


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