He caught her, holding on to her slipping hand, refusing to let go.

A total stranger.

He seen her 15 stories below in the midst of mediation on the edge of the roof as if she was silently whispering her last prayers. His feet followed his heart and flew up the staircase transforming for an ordinary man into a saint.

It seemed as if no one else in the world seen her, even though the white clothing she was covered in glimmered through the bright skies as a diamond shone from feet away.

As he grabbed her, she smiled, reassuring him she could fly, she could soar, she would live. Confused but determined he held on, using hidden strength to lift her with all he had. With each groan, each pull, the weight slowly eased into nothing.

As his eyes peered opened, he gasped for air in aaahhh from the beauty she possessed, almost as if she was an angel. She explained to him that this was his calling, his destiny to save the lives of others. His heart touched, his eyes widen taking in the beauty she possessed.

With a gentle kiss to his cheek, she flapped her long white feathery wings, and soared beyond what his eyes could seek, leaving his astonished in aahh and amazement but also with a new desire in his heart. He kept her words in his heart, living by them day by day, saving the lives in need, comforting the lonely at heart.

He died a legend, some say when they seek guidance he appears unto them, striking them in aahh and soaring with his own set of wings into the skies far beyond what eyes can seek.

This story was written to ask a simple question, although an angel may not appear onto you placing you in a position you may or may not be ready for, do you believe you can achieve the task? What is your destiny, your calling, your hearts desire? We all seek out to help but never truly know how to use our talents. Before saving a woman from jumping off a ledge, save yourself from total damnation; then seek your destiny, your higher calling.



  1. Beautiful. Something that definitely was purposed for me to hear this Sunday morning.;)

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