Majestic Love

She watched him sleep; astonished by the rising of his chest, the peaceful portrait he painted with his body. The love of her life. Each in take of God-given air was a blessing given solely to him, each thud of his loving heart was majestic, a sign of life, renewing faith in a higher power.

She found true love.

As she slept, he fantasized. Gliding the tip of his finger down and around the curves of her body. Thanking God for the chance to live happily with one of His greatest creations. Her skin so smooth, as the back of his hand caresses the surface of her cheek; fondling with the strands of hair that lingered along her face.

He found true love.

A love unbelievingly passionate, profound, far from the reality of mankind; this love settled in the hearts of two eternal binding souls, a bond never to be broken.



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