It’s possible to love someone until it hurts, hating them until you fall back into the same routine of loving them all over again.

Is this right? Wrong? Undecided?

What hurts more than losing love, is starting over; finding a heart to mend with, grow with, love with. It takes time, everything takes time but we all lack patience.

With love comes hate, after hate comes new love.

Are you patience enough to wait?

Should you continue to move on or remain sheltered in a broken loving heart?



  1. It’s easy for people who hasn’t experienced true love to say, “move on” but my emotions are expressed here. It’s hard to let somebody go, and even harder to move on. Sometimes, I feel comfortable to remain sheltered… and other times I feel that solitude is best.

    • I agree with that, people who say they’ve “moved on” are only those who haven’t yet hit the brim of love. Loving someone for years at a time and then suddenly losing them is a heartache and quite difficult to get over and move on from. I would prefer to stay sheltered as well but if for some reason that shelter has broken to pieces, as hard as it may be, moving on is the only option.

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