A Heart That Never Stops Beating

Simple thoughts overflow my mind, wishing that my love could overpower this entire world just to help a withering hand.

I’ve been trapped in darkness; no food, no warmth, no light. Hoping to be rescued, I find myself silently screaming at every shadow that crosses my way.

Far from alone.

Millions of people surround me, love me, miss me but jealousy rests in the hearts of those that envy me; the ones that wish I were dead, broken, or even helpless.

This world is heartless. Us people are mindless, allowing others to empower us, control us, use us as bait, killing us without second thoughts. Vengeance builds in our hearts, encamping an army preparing for war against their empty souls.

We are all so heartless.

Sometimes I forget what I’m fighting for; while the world searches for peace through war, I search for love through hearts. What we fail to realize is we can’t always get what we want, in this case what we need.

Simple thoughts overflow my mind, hoping my death will be remembered as a legend. That I will be remembered as the girl whose heart that never stops beating.


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