Weigh the Good with the Bad..Some Men

Why do SOME men think its okay to do what they please to us but never want the same actions done to them?

On twitter, a few men explained to me how they felt about this question.

@DJN541 stated:

not all of us are like that…

@OSOREMBY stated:

Honestly, It’s a stupid man thing that needs to stop. Being more specific would F**k your whole life up.

@JDMROY stated:

Word. I treat my lady like a queen. I expect the same treatment. King me


with nothing but LOVE and RESPECT, and in 4 years not one argument, my KING made me his QUEEN. #NUFFSAID

Others either asked me to explain or corrected me for saying “men” and not SOME in my first stated question.

(@SHAYDLIFE@DigitalCreator@ArmyRanger251 & if I missed you, i’m sorry)

My reason for asking the question was pretty simple. By looking at the experiences I watch people go through, I often question myself why they may do it. For love? Attention? Self observing reasons? Sickening reasons?

Whatever the case may be, I have concluded that some men, treat women with no respect, show no true love and do things that please only them.

I stand corrected, it is NOT all men because some men do have the decency to allow a woman to have a fair share in a relationship. On the other hand, other men prefer to have full authority, including the empowering  feeling  of being superior. However, with that kind of structure, some men are lead to becoming abusers, be it verbal or physical.

Now let’s turn the tables.

In relationships, most women feel over powered by their mates, not having a word to say, any will power to do but only the advantage of being a good listener. If the world were to change, allowing the superiority position to fall into women’s hands things would be entirely different. Some men do not enjoy the thought of being ruled, controlled, over powered, or even spoken to as a child; so why do some men continuously do it to women?

You give and you get. With each closed-door, opens another. Each man and woman should share things in an equal manner. If in a relationship, a friendship or even an acquaintanceship, I believe, all things must be equal to an extent. Of course, I know that nothing on this earth could ever be equal to each individual but there are gives and takes for each role.

Give love to get love. Show respect to be respected. Give honor where honor is due.

This is far from elaborated as I could have gone but I always choose to share my hearts thoughts with the world.



  1. I think that men and women should treat each other as well as they possibly can. I think plenty men AND women are complete self-glorifying assholes but want someone to treat them like gold. Some people just don’t act in a way that deserves the royal treatment and I feel its always good to keep that in mind as well. Some people see their actions as if they did nothing wrong and will convey only half the story to make themselves look good. As time goes by I’m getting tired of men getting the shitty end of the stick. Because we’re not the first to cry, that automatically means we care less? Sometimes women bait men into things. Throw tantrums just for a pickup, push you away just to get pulled, then blame you when you don’t reciprocate. But men do just the same in different manners. I don’t thinks its about men vs women, I think its just people interacting and interacting with some can enlighten you while interacting with others of incompatibility can produce very little other than toxicity.

    • Thats true, men do sometimes get the shorter end on the stick bc of what women do but it can also be vice versa.
      This world is tough, no two people are the same, no body loves the same but I do think that we as men and women treat each other unfairly at times.

  2. I usually see this type of behavior in a relationship to those who have faltered in some kind of way, rather it be men or women.

    Let’s say a woman says she is going out with her girls, but in actuality they are going out with another man. Not cheating, let’s say it’s a good friend. Her man finds out. The man has lost some respect for her and feels betrayed and can no longer trust her, so he no longer feels comfortable letting her go out based on what she says. Same with a man and a woman finds out.

    Your not going to want to break up with this person, and probably won’t. So things get out of hand. And then the disrespect, talking down to one another starts, and from there it becomes a chain reaction. Only way to get past it is that the person who faltered has to suck it up, see what they did was wrong, and respect the other persons’ feelings and gain the respect and trust back properly, if they truly want to be with them. If not, things will only get worse.

    Now in those “Macho man” relationships, where the man has the last word and the “manly pride” thing going on. Those guys are assholes. They need a strong woman to tame them, if the woman isn’t strong enough to tame his ego, then she will be encased inside of his world, and will feel like his bitch. Same thing with a woman, my mother is one of those females who can tame a man’s “macho man” ego, and will make them her slave, but will make him feel like a KING at the same time. Lol that’s what “hotdamnirock” was talking about, “Pussy Management” Gotta have it under control, working for you in the right way.

    To the person who has been in a 4 year relationship. You are either lying, you have an ABUNDANT of bad things going on in the relationship happening unsaid, or you guys are in an open relationship. If your not lying then you are one bored mofo, probably lying though.

    • Well spoken 🙂
      thank you for your input.
      And yes I love his videos.

      It does deal with egos, does operate on who can handle who but it shouldnt always be that way.
      Some men and women can’t seem to live in equality bc of how this government is set up.
      Some men believe they are suppose to be strong and superior but women should have that right too..
      Its all a matter of opinion.

  3. Yea, it’s kind of the media’s fault too.

    I believe that men are supposed to be superior, in a sense of certain things, reason being, God is a man. We represent His gender. Men aren’t supposed to be cowards, if men were cowards, they wouldn’t be able to stand up for women and children who can’t stand up for themselves.

    Women do have the right to be strong. I’m not a woman, but I was raised by my mother, and I understand that women are different from men mentally (and physically of-course) by a wide margin. Watching my mother, I’ve come to understand how women think, and I understand that women are handicapped by nature with they’re emotions. I guess it’s really hard to control them. But that shouldn’t stop a woman. We all have obstacles to overcome.

    Kemi, you are already strong. I’ve seen you. You know you are, you do have the right and you are already in position. Don’t let NOBODY make you feel like your weak, if you do, your state of mind will be your downfall.

    • Awweee, thanks Mike..
      I reaaallllly do appreciate your comments, so very much.
      I won’t allow that to happen to me, not for anyone because I love myself too much to allow myself to be hurt again.

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