True Happiness..

That title was far below the list of daily standards my day should consist of. In fact, it was so far off that I think my insides exploded several times throughout the day with the ridiculous frustrations it brought one me. Kinda like a really hurtful gift someone gave you for Christmas, like underwear or soap just to tell you you smell like donkeys ass.


Anywho, so far my conclusions nearly impossible to reach at this age and time, which is the idea of investing in an assistant, or at least a maid, just until I head to college.

Oh please! Don’t judge me. I have my reasons and my own needs.

I slave throughout the day for my family and fly throughout the world as Super Girl at night.

I can’t do nothing! (LOPEZ MOMENT)

My mask is set away and my heart is crying for a BREAK! Hell it’s not like their paying me anyway..

The point is, today I was far from “happy” I found myself somewhere between “frustration” and “insanity”.

So what now? Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about “happier days” just as OSOREMBY requested.

Happy days, here I come.


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