Happily Ever After


With one swift pump to her chest, he commanded her heart to beat.


His hands began shaking as blood formed a puddle beneath his knees.

No air was pumping through her lungs.

No beat making music in her heart.

He kept pumping her chest, silently praying to the man upstairs for an answer. Making sinless compromises with whom he served, giving what he had in order to take back what he loved.

As if God cut the deal short with a simple glance at his sincere heart, he felt his pump collide with a thump; her heart beats.

Still no air flowed freely but as if his tender kiss could resurrect the dead, he kissed then blew as hard as he could; in return a sweet kiss with refilling air.

Still blood poured out her sides, no tape could stop it; faintly in the distance sirens stirred, hope found its way back into their lost hearts.

A life too blessed to lose, a love too treasured to shatter; a happy ending tumbling right after.


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