This is a joyous day, a day when families reunite and love is shared from ear to ear.

This is a day of thanksgiving, a day all give thanks for the littlest things to the enormously  huge blessings.

I lay back in bed, relaxing, allowing my mind to ramble on about today being just another day with the addition of selections of food; a day that I am grateful for.

This year its only my parents and my sister home, no family nor friends just us. They lay downstairs watching the “Ugly Betty” marathon and I set myself aside to write, my favorite thing to do.

In the background I hear kids run around outside, families laughing, people enjoying this day of thanksgiving. This day is a joyous day, I may not show it in my face but my heart beats rapidly to the sound of families enjoying this day.

Today may be my last day on earth, although my brother isn’t around to share this with us, this day I will cherish with the people I love.



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