Not Your Battle

Everyone goes through a rough patch.

We all go through them.

They feel as though they’ve lost footing on the side of a cliff, preparing to fall 1000 feet but find themselves pulling to the top; they push.

Sometimes their not alone, having friends or loved ones holding them up, connected to them by a rope giving them leverage. A person can be connected to a rope for so long, when they reach the top they will wait for you, encouraging you along the way but it’s then when you need to take each step alone. They watch you push.

Everyone goes through rough patches.

Money gets tight, no food, no heat, just cold lonely nights.

All your friends turn away, too busy with their own problems, their own patches. You push, be strong alone hoping to find the greater good for your hardship, the victory to the battle. Tears shed, suicidal thoughts; we’ve all been there.

Encouragement only works for so long, people find words hard to say, repeating what was already said. You fight to believe it, attempting to encourage yourself.

We’ve all been there.

Everyone goes through rough patches.

Everyone smiles and pretends to be what we’re not. Hoping someone would see through our mask and comfort us, repeat the same words, telling you to be strong. Until finally, it happens, we succeed, victory is ours and life feels good. Realizing that each tear was shed for a cause, each lonely night was spent only to learn to love and nurture ourselves teaching us to love another. Each encouraging word was shared so that we can find the strength to reach each goal intended.

We fight. We lose.

We fight with God. We win.

Each battle we learn that we are not alone, it is not our battle, it’s the Lord’s.

With Him, all things are possible. Without Him, all things will fail.



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