She’s Ready

Pushed to the limit she jumped, never looking back on what she left.

70 stories high, she flies through the sky preparing to fall like a dove with a broken wing.

She was ready for it, death.

Although this choice, she drastically made to achieve her anticipation, was far more than what was intend, she build enough courage to take the risk.

In her mind she imagined she was floating, soaring through the open skies as people watched in horror anxiously waiting to see her bones smash, blood gush, her heart stop beating.

She was ready.

Her eyes closed as she whispered a humble prayer to the God she served, asking Him to forgive her for an unforgivable sin, a sin no man could ever take back.

As the ground drew near, her heart rapidly beating, she felt guilt and regret.

Too late to turn back, with a smash to the ground…her eyes open.

Bewitched to only a dream of self conflicting death.


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