We never want to admit when something is truly wrong; when we feel vulnerable enough for pain to seek in. What always amazes me is how we chose to deal with our demons alone.

Personally, I suck at sharing problems verbally but mastered the ability to help others through theirs. I find it easier to allow termites to demolish every sicken diseases I may have caught while travelling through life, becoming immune to them.

This morning  I woke up feeling strange. No missed calls. No text messages. I knew something was wrong but was already pushed out from solving the mystery.

Is this what I lived another year to expect? Emptiness.

People deal with things differently, they may set themselves mentally caged from the world or physically caged in a room. It is up to them to break the locks and free themselves. No one can mend them, beg them, curse them or even manipulate them; they set their own standards allowing who they choose in.

Today is different.

He said, “Everyday isn’t honestly the same.”

Sadly enough that is true.

I’ve set myself on a routine, mastered each hour down to the second; I have become immune to change.

So I thought.

We smile, we laugh, we pretend everything is okay but when were alone, with no one to judge us, we cry because we know the truth, we’re all broken inside.


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