The Time is Now

I’ve sat and waited for my life to change. For my problems to disappear. For the heartache to turn out to be gas.

I sat and waited to live.

What I failed to do was push to live. To laugh at jokes, cry at sad moments and to love those who love me.

I sat waiting finally realizing now its time to stand.

Stand for happiness. For peace. For love.

I am no one of importance, I don’t have a rural name or have the perfect lifestyle but I’m living, I’m blessed and I’m happy.

I’m tired of making excuses for my happiness, I’m tired of out weighing the good with bad. Of being that person who, in the end, gives up on what she’s worked so hard for.

Tomorrow, I’ll be 18, I won’t be grown or act differently but I will be given the chance to legally explore different parts of life.

So there, I’m standing, ready to fight and face facts that life is only what you make it, so why sit your way to death?


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