To Touch the Untouchable

She pushed through the crowd, through the millions who came to see Him, even the unbelievers.

She believed.

Suffering for years with this illness, something no man could cure, preparing to die; she heard of His miracles.

If I could just touch Him, I know I’d be cured.

That’s what she believed. She believed that He would be her cure, her resolution, her answer; if she could only touch Him.

Shoving her way near Him, determined to touch him, she pushed.

He won’t even know it was me, millions are touching Him.

There He stood in front of her, His garment glimmered as the sunlight hit it. Overwhelmed by His presence she lost her trail of thought shortly regaining it to continue her mission.


She felt her body glisten, as if she rose above the skies, as if she became invincible; she stood still, allowing the crowd to stampede around her.

One touch healed her but He knew.

His feet shuffled as He stopped, feeling something leaving His body.

Who touched me?

In utter confusion words were muttered explaining that in such a crowd it could have been anyone but He knew.

Someone touched me.

Too embarrassed to expose herself, she silently distanced from the crowd, backing away slowly.

Who touched me?

Again He asked and with a faint voice, she answered.

She explained her needs, telling of her issue of blood, declaring freedom from the incurable disease. With love He reassured her that her words to Him was all He needed to hear and with joy she continued to live her life.

Sometimes I wish I could touch Him, that I could become immune from becoming ill, weak or withered; just by one touch.

We go through life secretly wishing our problems would fade with a simple prayer, which in our case is the closest thing to a touch we have. We pray asking for financial security, for our well being, for eternal happiness. What we fail to understand is, life was given unto us so we can prove Him, allowing Him to allow us to choose our own pathways, making our own mistakes, enduring our own pain. He wants us to learn to touch Him, allowing us to praise Him for every blessing He gives in return.

If I could touch him, I wouldn’t know how to contain myself for it would be more than I could handle but I continue praying, hoping that one day, I can touch the untouchable.



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