Until Death Does Us Part

My mind loves to play out our future, sometimes I pretend were already married living in our one bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

It’s after 10 pm, you’d be on your way home from karate calling just to check in. We wouldn’t have any kids yet because were still newlyweds living the “good life” without them. Life is good.

I’d make sure to have your food out and heated for you to digest when you settled in, my mother always tells me how much its important for a man to eat.You’d walk through the door exhausted from a long day of work but always have enough strength to spend quality time together.

After you’ve gotten settled in and ate, we’d share our day’s adventures between kisses and “i love you’s”. I’d be a psychologist working in a building with crazy people, taking notes of clients I’d nurture back to sanity; you a teacher, in a school with kids running around making trouble but pushing to learn.

We’d spend time in our living room, if not bedroom, watching tv and relaxing from a long days work then we’d get tired.

I’d fight sleep, as I always do with you, you having to reassure me that you’d be there in the morning holding me, loving me. After fussing for a while, your ear would be my serenity as my eyes became heavy and mind drift into hibernation. You’d watch me until sleep triggers a self alarm which pulls the plug to shut down. We’d sleep happily.

In the morning, the alarm would set off and our day would be forced to begin. We’d share morning breath kisses, giggles and self-control for work’s sake.

After departing separately for another long loving day, although we couldn’t keep in touch throughout the day as we wanted to, we’d sneak early breaks just to hear each others voice and those three magical words, “i love you”.

We would live far from perfect but complete in happiness.

Few years later, a baby arrives with restless nights, early mornings but even happier years ahead.

Our love would continue to grow as each child grows, finding their loves, living their fantasies until death does us part.

I love you.


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