Secret Lover..

She dashed hiding herself behind the curtain, sneaking glances at him. Vastly in lust with a man she never spoke to; only through glares of passion, she thought they shared, did they connect.

She was wrong.

Her husband, a man far more superior than her lover, deeply infatuated with her far beyond the materialistic gifts shared to remind her that his heartbeat was only for her, watched as she lusted for another man.

The pain, too strong, struck him to his last breath.

After tears, roses, sympathetic reasonings, she sought simplicity, undeniable pleasure; which she could find solely in her lover.

Not knowing her lover did not desire her as though she intentionally thought, she was left alone to die in a world full of hatred.

Seeking for years what was never rightfully hers caused the death of the only man who truly loved her. Allowing the selfish disease to spend throughout her in order to indulge the cries of dissatisfaction from her body.

Her former husband could never please her the way she desired, which kindled the journey for a secret lover.

One she will never possess, nor control, neither manipulate; cursed to never being loved again.

A heartless curse casted beneath the earth from her unfortunate former husband, where jealousy burns eternally in his darkened heart.



  1. Very powerful story.. This is my first time finding this place I will definitely stick around and read more. Nice. You definitely have a talent for this and passion for it as well. Continue. Don’t ever stop as long as it’s your will.

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