Just For You

Across the room I stare at him, memorized by his astonishing humanly features.

Studying him; not only with my eyes but my heart.

As my ears inform me through his words, my eyes his movements, I begin to know him.

My heart flutters beating irregularly, giving in to his will. The “powers” he possess compels my heart to fall in lust with his nameless soul, this god.

Our eyes meet; words hide, afraid of the wrath of pleasure it may bestow.

Though he’s too far to touch, I feel him caress my body slowly taunting me, teasing me.

I want him.

I need him.

Regaining control over my body, which was almost his, my eyes drift, repositioning my mind to cleaner thoughts.

Feeling his eyes pierce me, undressing me consciously resisting the urge to face him.

Weakness over powers me allowing him to enslave me with his “powers” becoming his sexual slave, obeying him; facing him.

The room crowded our eyes gesture an empty hallway, granting us permission to release intoxicating sexual tension.

With each deep thrust, each overwhelming gasp, each nail digging grip, we become one. Strangers, falling exceedingly in the sin of lust.

Releasing anger, pain, mourning our departure.

Encaging words with kisses.

In that moment, nothing in the world matters.

Exploding through climax; time passes, words fail, the world continues spinning as lust fades to memories.


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