Giving in to Love?

Funny story really, I was playing cards against Loving You and Losing You; Losing You folded, too afraid his hand wasn’t good enough. Eventually, I punked out because Loving You always knew how to gets his way. Then it happened. Yes, I’ve given in; you’ve successfully impelled my heart to attempt I truly love you.

We spent the day talking, spending as much time as possible together steadily wishing it could have been physically, although, we were both quite satisfied. We spoke about our future, something were aspiring to one day become reality; spoke on our lifestyles and eternal happiness. Went into depth of how we “fit” one another, coming to the astonishing conclusion that our past relationships were only stepping stools, preparing us for US.

I told him I’m afraid; afraid we were too “fitting” for one another, told him to “keep his options open” because I may not be the ONE.

It’s true.

People speak of how there is one person truly meant for them, a soul mate. What people fail to understand is, anyone can be molded into the one you desire to be with at that time. All relationships have problems, each person molds their characteristics in some shape or form to fit the other, it’s a part of life, love and happiness. No one person is affirmed to be the final piece to your life’s puzzle. We go through life hoping to meet that “one” failing to understand he/she may never be presented in a timely matter, better yet, the time desired. That “one” could appear when you’re in a long-term relationship, ready to give in to marriage. It’s unpredictable.

I’ve given in.

Still unsure of what our future holds, we take it step by step learning and growing each day. That’s what makes us human; knowing that this may not be “it” but still live as if it may be as good as it gets.

I say, give in to love; even if its miles away.


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