48 days. 48 heart beats.


Dear lover,

As sweet as your words sound, my Heart fails to understand its truth.

I’ve counseled her, spoken profoundly, promising you were here to stay.

She wont believe me.

It’s hard to show a heart she’s loved after she confined herself.

She’s complex, impossible even but her beats flutters each time I whisper your name; time is all she really needs.

I find myself writing to you, forgetting technology has advanced and your as close as the touch sensitive keys on my phone. As I write she comforts me, taking your place for the time being.

She knows I won’t allow this love to wither, she understands because she loves me; even more than you can imagine.

Time stands between us, our love only grows.

48 days.

48 heart beats.


My Heart & I



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