Never Too Young to Die.

Never too young to die.

Never to careful to hit the brakes rather than swerve the car into on coming traffic preventing the death of an animal.

The funny thing was it could have been me tonight, I swerved my car trying not to hit a ball that rolled in the middle of the street, my sister in the passenger seat and a friend in the back, lucky no cars were heading my way.

Why does it hurt?

I prayed, cried and now I’m beating myself up because I wish I could have helped.

Death is a sad thing to speak of; worse when it happens to someone you know but in this case, I don’t know her.

I don’t know her family nor her friends but I do know she enjoyed playing in the band and that she was too young.

Now she’s in the arms of God, wishing she hadn’t left her family alone to mourn but knowing that it will all be over soon.

Rest in peace, I don’t know you but I miss you.


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