Tame The Heart…

I sometimes question myself, asking, “Why be jealous of what others have?”, with the same response from the depths of my soul, I never find a true answer.

Why taunt yourself with the misery?

Jealous turns to hatred, hatred compromises with death, killing you slowly.

Not saying that I am entirely jealous of other’s lifestyle because my life is just as blessed, if not better. Each family struggles through life with envy settled in their hearts for another, all in which leaves us one solution, to live our lives to the fullest and wish the best on others.

I’m far from an Angel, far from pure and holy; I just see things differently maturing day by day, it takes time to fully understand what ropes to climb on in life. I believe withered friendships startled the wind blowing out the flames of jealousy, at that point did I realize green didn’t fit me my skin complexion at all. My goal is to become humble, to tame my lips, my mind and my heart; to allow it to beat on a stable rhythm and never stop.

He told me I had an “awkward heart”, the kind that has so much love to give but so little knowledge to share it. Its true. If I could give all I have and be blessed with more, I would. At this point and time, I can’t. I remain in the background, arms stretched forth, holding as much hands as I can lending my shoulder to each restless head.

I am no Angel. I treat myself worse than others, knowingly, not having the knowledge to stop.

Love others, restrengthen yourself to tame your heart.



  1. Particularly tips! As a relatively new blogger, I don’t get many comments, but it’s so exciting when I do! I will definately try your tips. Thanks!

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