High Maintenance VS Trashy Fashion.

My boyfriend has a fashion frenzy, more of an addiction for buying shoes and clothes. For his sake I’ll just say, he loves to look nice and have a girlfriend who looks nice also.

I say, eff it all! ūüėÄ

I dress how I feel, which is determined by my mood when I wake up and how I operate throughout the day. I prefer to buy off brand clothes found in off brand stores because I find their clothes to be less expense and also comfy.

Fashion sense just never got around to hitting in my family. My brother use to be an¬†implosive¬†shopper, purchasing a¬†pair of shoes or clothing EVERY weekend, it became his religion which took the turn for the worse almost hitting¬†bankruptcy. My sister created a style of her own, clashing whatever she can from both my mom’s closet and mine; her style is unique and very fashionable, for her. Me, on the other hand, I mix and match what I feel like wearing but once in a good mood, I place myself together glaring beauty from every angle.

I rather stick with my “Trashy Fashion” than become a “High Maintenance” broad over anything in my life. I can’t find the sense in spending hundreds on clothing that I would get tired and dash to the side.

CONFESSION: I love heels!

I do! But the most I spent on heels in my life was a mere $20 and I love those shoes to pieces!  (If it was possible to wear phones, laptops or gadgets as clothes, it would be victory on my end.)

The point of this was to state that clothes/shoes has become sentimentalized far from where it should stand. People lose focus on the essentials of life to be faced with a contagious disease of fashion. A person can be as beautiful as the Creator but because of her clothing choice men look astray.

Why should that be? I will never allow fashion to overwhelm me.

What would you prefer, beauty or looks?



  1. Most guys believe that their looks are defined based on their “swag” (I hate that word with a passion.) And believe it or not, every other guys “swag” is the same as the guy sitting next to him. I never jumped into the “swag” game.

    I buy what I think looks nice, and it really is name brand, its just that “niggas” hadn’t heard of it, and thanks to their lack of knowledge, the demand is low and I get those shirts for $20 versus $30+ like HCO or RL. Its the same with pants.

    As far as women go, beauty is what matters most to me. Like my mother, she is beautiful, she can wear whatever and get any man she wants and she knows it. But she just has to get Ed Hardy this and Derion that. Some people just like looking far beyond beauty or handsome for that matter. But there is nothing wrong with that. If you have the money for it that is, but thats my mom’s #1 issue.. well maybe #2..

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