I sit on the front stoop thinking.

Watching leaves fall in each direction, feeling the wind hit my skin, slowly kissing each uncovered inch of me.

Just waiting.

Waiting for the world to stop moving, the leaves to die, the time to speed up abnormally knowing it’s not possible.

I still wait.

Planes fly above me, as I secretly wish it would land on my driveway, just to take me away, carrying me to him.

Listening to nothingness. No car alarms, police sirens, screaming, or cars driving by.

I wait.

Wait to feel his hands connect perfectly with mine, finally declaring my world to be complete.

In life, we have to wait for things. Things we all want to endure from time to time…

Love. Joy. Peace. Happiness.

I’ll wait.

While I’m waiting, would you like to wait with me?


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