High On Love..

This is in response to this blog.

He’s high on love, too intoxicated to care to express himself on the importance of life because of her.

Calling it “Addict Confessions”, a title thought of in the heat of the moment, the climax of love. It sort of describes me.

I write of him, sometimes unknowingly. It’s like my mind slips off the edge and thoughts of him attack my nerves causing me to submit myself to his every need, his every desire. Is that love?

But, as said in his blog, in time “this too will pass”; this obsession, infatuation though i don’t want it too but know it must.
Is that entirely true?
Not all love has to end. Love does take its turn and selfishly disown you but that’s only if you allow it to.
This “high” off love won’t be corrupted by an idiotic moron who pukes on my lawn, it’s too intoxicating, too strong to be defeated in any fight.
Word of advice, don’t let your buzz kill destroy your love.


  1. Love is very dangerous… Especially if it is not equated properly.

    Lord knows what I was doing during my first year of love. I had ZERO control of my emotions.

    Then I read the “48 Laws Power” It said, “Only quarantine can cure a virus…”

    I quarantined myself and read Proverbs from the Holy Scriptures, and my knowledge was broadened as it says it would do for whoever reads it in the beginning, caught control of my emotions and then again took another shot at love, and was prepared to the fullest.

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