I Remember You…

I remember our friendship. The one that was never flawless but innocent carrying good laughter, bright smiles and warm hugs.

The days we’d walk hand in hand down our school’s hallways to the back of the school where I’d get picked up because then I was too young for a car. We’d play around and you’d make me smile, when smiles were too lazy to stop by until you bullied him enough.

I remember the awkward feeling around her. Knowing that I had you to myself during the week and shared you with her on Sundays. How she took me as a threat just by seeing how closely our friendship had evolved and as innocent as it truly was, you’d always tell her sweet nothings, reassuring her it wasn’t anything serious, she believed you.

I remember telling my parents I was staying late for “tutorial”; convincing them I needed the extra help, knowing I really didn’t, just to spend time around you. Then you were my bestfriend.

Time pasted and we started drifting away. Sunday to Sunday, each day I saw you, I feared getting to know you or letting you in because of her, knowing the affect you had on her. Turns out, I made the right decision.

To this day, you are happily married. Congrats. In her mind, she succeeded, she won. Victory overwhelms her enough to flaunt it in my face, glaring the ring my way each chance she gets, even if it was done unconsciously. I did what I knew best to do and ignored it because I too found a “guy”, as much as I wished we were married were not but you’d never hear me speak of him because it’d only start an unnecessary war that I would win.

Still a waste of time.

Just a simple thought of you inspired me to write this to reminisce, just about the simple things, things I haven’t forgotten; like the letter you wrote me that I secretly keep and read over when I happen to come across it. However, the past is the past.

I miss you. Better yet , I miss our friendship.

It seems like when we were becoming “friends” again, she selfishly pulled you away from me…understandable. Green doesn’t fit me as well as it does her so I have no comments on her behalf.

I just hope your happy.

Never forget, I remember you.


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