My Heart In A Suitcase…

One day, I dream to venture around the world. Traveling from the deserts of India to the oceans of Aruba.

I wish to travel united with you in my suitcase, accompanied along ceasing my lonely nights, just you and I.

You wouldn’t have to speak, words are overrated but warmth fulfills my every need.

Come with me. Travel with me in my suitcase, capturing each city, each state, each country; creating a new world, one of our own, together.

Along with you, I’ll bring him.

With him, he brings his heart.

Now you can share each adventure with his heart, learn each veins operation, beat together, die together.

Together, we with all travel on an endless trip. A trip with no destination, no home just hands held, love being shared and two hearts in a suitcase.



  1. Your writing is so divine.. Its as if I’m looking at a painting through words. Its creative, its unique, its ART. I love it.

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